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Full Moon Blogby Jill Kempner

Happy full moon earth angels. The full moon is a time of illumination, culmination, and celebration. Your intuition, your gifts, and your “issues in the tissues” are all illuminated during the full moon cycle. This illumination is a blessing that puts a spotlight on the loudest pain that needs angelic pain relief. 

In my forthcoming book, Receiving From Your Angels, the angels say that your pain is a part of you. Every part of you, including pain, has a noble intention. Many times your loud or painful parts are just protecting you or stuck in an old job. Your angels have endless compassion for your pain parts and know that there is a message in the pain. Although the human tendency is to want to get rid of the pain, your angels invite you to see your pain, whether it’s physical or emotional, as a part of you that needs your angels’ love. 

Remember your angels love you unconditionally and are always sending you love. Your physical body integrates your angels’ love through your energy body. Your energy body—which includes your energetic roots, your universe of parts, your chakras, and your aura—is designed to protect your physical body and help you receive love from angels. When fear is ready to release, it shows up as pain in your body; that pain is a part of you “crying out loud” for attention. 

Your energy body and your parts are “invisible” to the naked human eye. During the moon cycles, your increased intuitive abilities open your clairvoyance allowing easy access to your energy body and your parts that are in pain. 

When you release resistance to your pain and let go of trying to kill, numb, or deny your pain, you are ready to learn the deeper meaning and lesson from the pain. Conscious relaxation helps you cherish your body and pain parts, which increases your capacity to receive angelic pain relief. 

Each level of conscious relaxation creates space to access your energy body. Emotional relaxation creates space for all of your feelings and pain parts to be seen, heard, and loved. When you tend to your pain with emotional relaxation, your body softens and the pain lessens. 

To experience angelic pain relief, you want to get to know your pain parts by asking them what they need. True transformation of pain into peace happens when you learn and integrate the lesson from the pain. When you ask the question, “What lesson am I learning from this pain?”, your body can release the pain and receive love from your angels.

You can work with Archangel Haniel, the angel of sensitivity, to support you in relaxing emotionally and creating space to hear the message of your pain part. Invite Archangel Haniel to surround you in her healing light during the full moon cycle, so you can honor your feelings and integrate the lesson from your pain. Remember, your pain is a portal to more joy. 

If you are ready to release pain with angel love, hire me as your angel coach. You can schedule a free one hour breakthrough conversation with me by answering the questionnaire on the start here tab of my website. In this free BTC I will help you get clear about the source of your pain and share your customized angelic pain relief plan. 

All my love and full moon angel blessings, Jill 

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