Press Release: Get Out of the Red Zone

30 September 2021


“Get Out of the Red Zone” Uses A Psychology-Based Approach to Help Readers Overcome Obstacles and Find Success In Their Professional and Personal Lives

CHICAGO (September 30, 2021)—Today, Inspirebytes Omni Media announces the release of Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo’s latest book, Get Out of the Red Zone. In this book, Dr. E (as her clients affectionately call her) uses a psychology-based approach to tackle the biggest obstacle we face when it comes to achieving success: ourselves. 

Dr. E explains: “When people feel an abundance of distress, they get overwhelmed and behave in ways that are inconsistent with who they are at their core—in other words, they’re in the Red Zone. With the right frame of mind, we all have the potential to be successful. My goal for this book is to equip you with the tools you need to recognize and overcome the Red Zone so that you can build an extraordinary life!”

Throughout the book, Dr. E teaches how to recognize the ways in which you have been self-sabotaging, in both your personal and professional lives, and how to make meaningful changes that will help you overcome these blocks, providing specific resources to help you get out—and stay out—of the Red Zone. 

Vince Poscente, an Olympian and NY Times bestselling author of The Earthquake, states, “Dr E’s latest book creates a roadmap to living an extraordinary life!”

Get Out of the Red Zone is available now on Amazon in both paperback and ebook with worldwide distribution for $17.95 USD.

About Inspirebytes Omni Media:

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About Dr. E:

A licensed clinical psychologist and coach, Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D. is on a mission to help people get out of their own way to create a life they love. Dr. E is a regular media contributor to outlets such as Today Show and Good Morning America. She lives outside of Chicago with her husband, two daughters, and four-legged son.

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