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New Moon Blogby Jill Kempner

Happy new moon earth angels. This new moon is coupled with the Lion’s gate on 8/8 opening up multiple healing portals. New moons are dark and encourage you to release past pain and fear. Released pain becomes the fertile soil where you plant the seeds of new beginnings for inner peace and self compassion. As an earth angel your intuition is going to be turned way up, so pay close attention to all your clair channels over the weekend. 

As some of you know I have been going through a very intense initiation. An initiation is a painful experience that ultimately brings great spiritual growth. My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer.

At the end of June, my family and I went on an awesome vacation to Sedona. On the way home I found out my mom was in the hospital. She was jaundiced, nauseous, and having a lot of internal organ pain. It turns out she has a rare form of cancer that obstructs her bile ducts. From the minute I stepped off the plane, I spent the next 17 of 21 days with my mom in the hospital. This included two ER visits due to extreme pain and sepsis, before the doctors were finally able to stabilize her and open the bile ducts. 

I am so grateful for having developed my angel tools—as well as the foundation I laid of trusting my intuition—before going through this traumatic event. Being thrown into full-time caregiving of my mom, while still running my business and household, has been intense and produced a lot of strong emotions for me. I swing between sadness and anger daily as I do my best to make sure she is comfortable and has all her needs met. A special thank you to everyone for their prayers, love, support, and meals over the past few weeks.

I share this because a big part of my earth angel medicine is transparency and honesty. Actually, the more honest I am, the more intuitive I become. I have learned so much about myself and my karmic patterns over the past 40 days. I have discovered that I have suppressed more anger than I knew. Anger is the most difficult energy for the human body to release once suppressed. I have also discovered that anger, although it is my sacred ally, blocks my intuition. And frankly, it can scare others, too. 

Anger is a protector and comes up when your boundaries have been crossed. Historically, anger has been my default emotion. What I have observed over the past 40 days however, is that when I remain calm and peaceful, I clearly receive and trust my angels’ love and messages. When I let the angry part take over, it creates static on my intuitive channels. 

In my forthcoming book, Receiving From Your Angels, the angels teach that your intuition is your direct connection to them. Your angels are continuously communicating with you through your physical and psychic senses and sending you love and compassion. Your angels never judge your anger; they always honor your emotions and human experiences. Your loving angels completely trust the benevolent divine plan unfolding as you journey back to wholeness. 

The secret to receiving and trusting your intuition is to hear yourself first. Receiving means to take in, allow, or assimilate energy and information through your senses. Your angels guide you to be a better angel receiver by being gentle and compassionate with all your emotions and parts. Receiving and trusting your intuition is a conscious practice that creates long-lasting pain relief and transformation. As you make space for grace by relaxing your body and mind and releasing emotional toxins, you open the flow of receiving love from your angels. 

If you are ready to increase your capacity to receive love from your angels to heal pain, hire me as your Angel coach. You can schedule a free one hour breakthrough conversation with me by answering the questionnaire on the “start here” tab of my website. In this free conversation, I will help you get clear about the source of your pain and share your customized angelic pain relief plan. 

All my love and new moon Lions gate angel blessings, Jill 

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