Why We All Need Touchstones

Volume II / Issue 15 — 20 July 2021

I have always believed in Touchstones. What’s a Touchstone, you ask? For me, a Touchstone is something tangible that reminds you of something you’ve read, learned, or felt inspired by. They’re beautiful little gifts you give to yourself (or others) to help you on this journey we call life.

The practice of creating Touchstones has been around, well, possibly for as long as we have. Our ancient ancestors wore necklaces made of tooth and bone, perhaps to remind them of a successful hunt, or to commemorate it. Today, this translates to virtually anything we can use and enjoy. Think of: items hanging from rearview mirrors in cars, bracelets with messages, t-shirts or bags with quotes and artwork, and so much more.

In 2021, you can’t go a day without seeing someone else’s Touchstone. More importantly, this means that you can also use Touchstones to enhance your day… and your life! 

With that, I am thrilled to share that we have designed beautiful Touchstones for you to enjoy. Using Print-On-Demand services (which use less resources and are therefore friendlier to the environment), we have created: mugs, posters, tees, and more! These items are meant to inspire you and make you smile. Have a look below, as I’m sure you’ll find something you love. If not, don’t worry—we have more items coming this fall.

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“Try to leave the earth a better place than when you arrived.”
– Sidney Sheldon –


All of our products have been created with you and the environment in mind. We use Print-On-Demand technology to save on resources, which is better for our planet. We hope you enjoy these items as much as we enjoyed designing them!

To learn more, or to view the all the products directly on our site, click here.

Why Print-On-Demand?

At IOM we use Print-On-Demand (POD) services for nearly all of our products, including our books. Why do we do this? The answer is simple: It’s better for the planet.

We choose to be part of a movement that puts #planetbeforeprofit when and where we can. POD technology allows us to eliminate the need for multiple shipping segments and climate-controlled warehousing and storage, both of which use a ton of resources. Additionally, we don’t waste resources by manufacturing product without demand. This means no trees are being used to create books that sit in warehouses without buyers, or products are being created that might end up in a landfill after spending years on a shelf. You can learn more about our choice, here.

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