The Three Safety Nets of Releasing

Happy full moon, earth angels. The full moon is a potent time of clarity which invites new levels of healing and divine downloads. Full moons can illuminate your pain so the angels can transform it into peace. Each moon cycle magnetizes your already open intuitive channels, making it easier to relax and release pain. 

In my forthcoming book, Receiving From Your Angels, the angels teach that releasing is simple but not always easy. Your angels have so much compassion for your pain relief journey and will never cause you harm. Conscious releasing creates space in your body to receive your angels’ love and healing energy. Releasing is a sacred and non-linear process that requires courage and vulnerability. Your angels have put three safety nets in place to ensure that your releasing process will be safe and comfortable.

The first safety net is cushions of comfort. Once you are ready to release, your angels begin to send you even more cushions of comfort and compassion. This extra love bubble will soften the intensity of any suppressed pain and make it a gentler release. You will never have to feel the full intensity or depth of the buried pain when you ask the angels for support. You only feel a small fraction of the pain as part of the integration process. You will never get flooded with or drown in what you are releasing when you stay open to your angels’ love.  

The second safety net is releasing only when ready. Source and your guardian angels remind you that you cannot release anything you are not ready to release. It kind of reminds me of the wise statement, God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. Your guardian angels know exactly what you are ready to release. Your angels also know to what level you can safely release while still staying grounded and open. Rest assured that if you are being guided to release pain, fear, anger, sadness, or trauma, you are ready!

The third safety net of releasing is no rushing. You can’t rush your healing. Earth angels have a deep respect for divine order. Your angels’ love is infinitely patient and unconditional and will never create a sense of urgency. Your angels invite you to be patient and will never push or rush the releasing process. If you feel rushed, that’s a part pushing you, not your angels. It’s important to have compassion for that part and to keep trusting divine timing. You can take all the time you need to release the pain with ease.

It’s important to note that releasing happens in layers. It’s normal for your emotions to rise and fall and your body to move involuntarily as you let go of pain. Of course, you can release without crying and having your body twitch and shudder. As a sensitive soul, your angels know you and what you can handle releasing in each moment. It’s essential to trust their love and guidance.

Your angels guide you to understand that there is no need to fear the depth of your pain because the angels can transform it into peace. The depth of the pain you feel is equal to the depth of the peace you can receive. Conscious releasing is the brave step you must take to receive angelic pain relief. 

If you are ready to release pain with angelic love, hire me as your angel coach. You can schedule a free one-hour breakthrough conversation with me by answering the questionnaire on the “start here” tab of my website: In this free BTC, I will help you get clear about the source of your pain and share your customized angelic pain relief plan. 

All my love and full moon angel blessings, Jill 

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