Trusting Your Clairaudience

Happy new moon, earth angels. New moons are dark and provide the fertile soil to release pain and stress. Each new moon cycle brings new beginnings to plant the seeds of peace and ease. Earth angels know that during the moon cycles your intuition will be stronger and more potent. Although you are always receiving intuitive messages, the moon cycles offer an open portal for angelic pain relief messages.

In my forthcoming book, Receiving From Your Angels, the angels teach that pain, trauma, and stress can slow the flow of angelic intuitive messages. As such, pain is an entry point for angel love. The dark of the new moon is an excellent time to release pain and tune in to the peace of your angels.

Remember, your angels communicate with you through your intuition. Just like everyone has angels, everyone is born with intuition. Intuition is your direct line to the Divine. There are five direct intuitive channels, and it’s essential for earth angels to trust their intuition.

Many of my clients and students have a desire to hear their angels. Clairaudience means clear hearing and is the ability to hear audible messages from your angels. Although everyone has clairaudience it takes patience and practice to cultivate this intuitive channel.

The biggest block to your clairaudience is not trusting your angels’ guidance when you receive it. Remember your angels’ messages are going to be peaceful, loving, constructive, and trustworthy. Your angels will never guide you to harm yourself or anyone else.

It’s pretty common to not recognize or to dismiss your angels’ messages, because most clairaudient angel messages will be in your own voice. The only time the angels will use a louder or a disembodied voice is when you are not listening to their whispers, or if you are in grave danger. Simply knowing your angels will answer your prayers through audible messages that are in your own voice will begin to enhance your clairaudient channel.

Clairaudience not only allows you to hear your angels but also the whispers of your body. As the home of your soul, your body is devoted to receiving your angels’ love. Developing your clairaudience helps you take excellent care of your physical and energy bodies.

You can strengthen your clairaudient channel by paying attention to how your angels’ messages feel in your body. Your body is the divination tool and instantly responds to fear or love. If you hear a message and it makes you feel sad, guilty, or afraid, that’s not your angels talking. It’s a part of you that needs your angels’ love. Clairaudient messages may sometimes be preceded by hearing a ringing in your ear for a few seconds. When you hear that ringing, pause and take note of your inner voice.

During the new moon, the pain pattern you are working on may grow louder as it prepares to release. Likewise, your intuitive channel of clairaudience will also be enhanced. This allows you to clearly hear your angels’ loving support. As you trust and take action on your clairaudient messages, you will strengthen this intuitive channel.

The shadow side of clairaudience is self-berating or listening to negative, pessimistic, or hurtful comments about yourself. You are safe to trust the messages that bring peace, calm, and relief to your pain. Your angels are always guiding you to relax your body and mind, to release pain and stress, so that you can receive their peace and love.

If you are ready to strengthen your clairaudient channel to heal your body, hire me as your angel coach. You can schedule a free one-hour breakthrough session with me by answering the questionnaire on the “start here” tab of my website.

All my love and new moon angel blessings, Jill

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