Trust Your Clairsentience to Heal Pain

Happy full moon lunar eclipse earth angels. This full moon is coupled with an eclipse which means an increase in divine revelations is available for you. The full moon magnetizes your intuitive channels and makes it easier to trust your gut feelings. The full moon eclipse may bring ancient pain that was previously eclipsed from your awareness to the surface for healing and transformation. This is a time to be extra gentle with your sensitivities. As you tend to both your physical and energy body with TLC, your intuitive pain relief downloads will be amplified. 

Clairsentience means clear feeling; it’s the ability to clearly feel energy such as emotions, thoughts, and angels. Clairsentience is known as your gut feelings and includes receiving angel messages through physical body sensations. Clairsentience can show up as angel-bumps, brief temperature changes (such as feeling hot, cold, or chills), a tugging in your heart or belly, or even feeling a light pressure on your body or chakras when asking your angels for guidance. 

Your body is the divination tool and instantly responds to fear or love. When you ask your angels for guidance, they always answer you. Your angels will often use your clairsentience channel to communicate immediate answers to your prayers and requests. Trusting your clairsentience includes taking good care of and listening to the wisdom of your body. Remember, when your body is in pain, it’s not betraying you, it just needs more love. 

Earth angels are natural empaths and care deeply about others and the planet. Earth angels usually have the volume of your clairsentience channel turned way up, making it easy to absorb other people’s energy and emotions. The challenge with clairsentience is that this channel can be muddy if you have experienced emotional abuse, trauma, or even unconsciously processing other people’s emotions. It’s important to practice discernment within this intuitive channel and to not take on, absorb, or process anyone else’s emotions. 

Clairsentience gives you the gift of feeling your own emotions deeply as an inner guide to the truth of the issue or situation. Receiving clairsentient messages is the most grounded of all the clairs because this channel is intimately connected with your physical body and lower body chakras. Your clairsentience can provide instant feedback from your environment and is amplified during the full moon lunar eclipse. 

Your clairsentience channel is intimately connected with the other clairs. When you receive an inner vision, an audible message, or an angel thought, you naturally run that message through your body to see how it feels. Angel messages will bring a certain level of comfort, calm, or relief, whereas a “gut” feeling that causes anxiety is a part of you trying to get your attention. Clairsentient messages will be followed with a moment of peace, calm, or clarity within your body and will never increase anxiety or anger. 

You can amplify your clairsentience channel by releasing stress, trauma, anger, or judgment from your gut and lower chakras to the angels of clairsentience, Archangel Raziel and Archangel Raguel. If you want to increase your ability to receive clairsentient angel messages to heal pain, join us for the Virtual Angelic Relief on Thursday May 27 at 10-11am CDT. This one-hour group angel healing experience will include Angel Reiki and IET to release any blocks to your clairsentience. The angels will release cords of codependency, stress, tension, trauma, the fear of feeling your own emotions or receiving clairsentient angel messages, and the pattern of absorbing or processing others’ emotions. 

If you are ready to clear and empower your clairsentience channel to heal pain, work with me as your angel coach. You can schedule a free one hour breakthrough conversation with me by answering the questionnaire on the ‘start here’ tab of my website.

All my love and full moon, lunar eclipse angel blessings, Jill 

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