Healing Inner Harshness With Devotion

Happy full moon, earth angels. Full moons light the sky and your inner world. Earth angels know that the full moon magnetizes their intuitive channels, putting a spotlight on the pain or pattern that needs their angels’ love. The full moon can illuminate where you have broken your promise to yourself.

In my forthcoming book, Receiving From Your Angels, the angels teach that it’s not about perfection, it’s about presence. As an earth angel, you are devoted to being a presence of love for yourself and the world. Your devotion is a promise you make to yourself to take excellent care of both your physical and energetic bodies by staying in the flow of your angels’ love.

You promise to love yourself unconditionally, and then, in all your humanness, you break that promise. Your heart’s desire is to love your whole self and be open to receiving your angels’ love. It’s totally normal to break this promise and go back to that same pain or pattern. Your angels will never judge you. They love all of you, including the shadowy pain parts you want to hide.

Breaking the devotional promise of self-love looks different for each person. You may break the promise by skipping your angel practice, eating foods that trigger inflammation, or being too harsh on yourself.

The pattern of self berating or inner harshness is quite common for earth angels when you feel you’ve broken this solemn promise to yourself. Beating yourself up when you lose your angelic connection actually causes more pain.

Self-punishment is being harsh on yourself when you feel you have done something wrong. This pattern of inner harshness may stem from childhood abuse, trauma, or even past life issues. Inner harshness increases pain and decreases your ability to receive angelic love.

When the self-berating or inner punishment gets too loud, that is the moment you pause and re-devote. You can re-devote to being a presence of love for yourself and all your parts. Re-devoting renews the promise to receive angelic love and expands your self-love quotient.

Gently place your hands over your heart, the gateway to your angels’ love, and say silently or out loud, “I am devoted to receiving love from my angels.” Take a cleansing breath in and out, then go back to loving and energizing your body.

You can also invite Archangel Sandalphon to send you the angelic energy of gentleness. Through your breath you can invite gentleness to flow into any pain or inner harshness. Each and every time you break the promise of self-love and then  redevote, your angelic connection grows stronger. Allow the full moon’s light to shine on your inner harshness so you can renew your devotion to self-love.

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All my love and full moon angel blessings, Jill

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