Pain Is An Entry Point for Angel Love

Happy full moon earth angels. Full moons light up your intuitive channels making it easier to receive love from your angels. The full moon also illuminates your shadow parts that need healing such as stress, tension, and pain. Your angels know that to heal your pain you need to learn the lesson that is being taught. You are invited during the full moon to celebrate all the lessons you have already learned. When you celebrate your growth, you increase your capacity to receive more love from your angels. 

Receiving from your angels is a conscious practice that happens as you learn to relax and release pain. Your angels remind you that your pain has a purpose. Your pain isn’t a punishment for bad behavior or past mistakes.

From the angelic perspective, your pain is an entry point for angel love. This means that your deepest wound is your greatest treasure. Your pain is an opening to receive divine love and angelic compassion. 

As highly intuitive souls, earth angels know that pain is a teacher. Pain invites you to slow down, correct your course, and pause to find the blessing within. When you view your pain as something to get rid of or to kill, you slow the flow of receiving love from your angels. When you can slow down, take a deep breath and shift to see the pain as an entry point for more angel love, you will experience angelic pain relief. 

In my forthcoming book, Receiving From Your Angels, the angels teach that relaxation is the gateway to angelic pain relief. The four levels of relaxation—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—encourage you to be gentle and patient with your pain. Each level of relaxation leads you closer to understanding the deeper meaning of your pain. As you give yourself permission to relax, you can shift to see that your pain is an opening that allows your angels’ love to flow in. 

Relaxing your muscles, balancing your emotions, and calming your “monkey mind” creates space for you to surrender into the arms of your angels. You can then experience spiritual relaxation. Spiritual relaxation is trusting that there is a divine purpose to your pain. Spiritual relaxation helps you let go of judging, shaming, and killing the pain. Relaxation creates space for the higher purpose of your pain to be revealed. 

Once you learn the lesson from your pain and allow yourself to receive love from the angels, you do not have to repeat that pattern. Spiritual relaxation expands your aura–the protective bubble of light around you. Relaxation makes it easier to trust that there is a benevolent and divine plan unfolding for your highest good and highest healing… and for everyone you love. Spiritual relaxation teaches you to surrender control and trust the divine order of all things, including your pain. 

As the full moon illuminates your pain parts, welcome the medicine of relaxation to soften your body and mind. Allow spiritual relaxation to help you receive clarity about the higher purpose of your pain. When you surrender to spiritual relaxation, you trust you are exactly where you are meant to be, allowing angelic love to soothe and heal your pain.

If you are ready to release pain with angel love, hire me as your angel coach. You can schedule a FREE Angel BTS with me by filling out my breakthrough session questionnaire on my website www.jillkempnerhealing.comAll my love and new moon angel blessings, Jill

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