Three Ways to Heal Pain With Your Guardian Angels

Happy new moon earth angels. Each new moon is a time to press the reset button and begin again. This new moon is in the midst of mercury retrograde, so you may be revisiting past issues, and maybe even rewriting those stories. The new moon magnetizes your intuitive channels and guides you to listen deeply to your heart’s wisdom. In the darkness of the new moon you can release what no longer serves you, like pain, stress and trauma. You can then gently plant the seeds of new beginnings: self-compassion, peace, and ease. 

Your guardian angels love you unconditionally and are always sending you love. Everyone has two guardian angels that protect their whole soul’s journey. Your guardian angels lead you away from pain and toward peace. Your guardian angels must respect your free will choices and can never interfere unless you ask for their help. 

When you are in any physical pain, your guardian angels begin to send you even more cushions of love and comfort. From the angelic perspective, pain is a teacher, not a punishment. Your body is divine technology which means your body is designed to hold your angel’s love and your soul’s light. When your body is in pain, it’s not sabotaging you, it just needs more love. 

Last week while  shoveling, I slipped on the ice and fell on my left side. I was immediately relieved to realize I didn’t break anything, despite there being some pain. As a massage therapist, I knew the protocol for this type of bruising injury. I took the steps of icing, applying healing cream, and resting. When I asked my guardian angels what else I could do, they reminded me to ask for Reiki from my Angel Reiki students. I immediately felt better and healed quickly over the next few days with all the Angel Reiki love coming my way.

Here are 3 ways to heal pain with your guardian angels’ help. 

#1. Ask. Ask and you shall receive. Asking is a simple step that you may resist because asking can make you feel vulnerable. Earth angels are resilient and sometimes forget to pause and ask for help. I didn’t want to admit that I had slipped and fallen to my students, but the guidance was clear. Ask for help. Asking for help can create vulnerability. It also opens the pathways to healing, and your guardian angels cannot help you unless you ask. 

#2. Open your grateful heart. Your heart is the gateway to your angel’s love. The attitude of gratitude opens your heart wider, allowing more of your guardian angel’s love to flow in and heal any pain you are experiencing. When you say thank you to your guardian angels, you are creating a clear channel to receive angelic pain relief. Your guardian angels don’t need praise or to be worshipped. The gratitude is more for you to open your heart than for them.

#3. Let yourself receive. Your guardian angels are right here, in this moment, sending you love. All you have to do is slow down and allow yourself to receive their love. Receiving, like asking when you are in pain, can make you feel vulnerable. Receiving takes practice and is like building muscle. Allowing yourself to receive love, help, and support when you are in pain can bring up old fears that slow the flow of your angels’ love. It’s normal for earth angels to resist receiving and to want to just give and serve. There is a vulnerability in receiving, and it is this vulnerability that opens your heart and allows your angels’ love to heal your pain. To open the flow of your angels’ love: Place your hands over your heart and say, “I am devoted to receiving love from my guardian angels.” Repeat this healing affirmation anytime you are in pain. 

The new moon is a great time to increase your ability to receive love from your guardian angels. Join me on Friday Feb 12 at 4pm CT for a Free FB live class to connect with your guardian angels and relieve any pain you’re experiencing. 

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