The First New Moon of 2021

Happy new year and happy new moon, which is on Tuesday, January 12th.

New moons tend to be slightly heavier energy because new moons are dark. In the darkness of the new moon you have the opportunity to release the pain, stress, and anxiety that is unneeded. After the release, there is space for more of your earth angel medicine—your unique gifts and talents—to shine and blossom. No mud, no lotus. Each moon cycle heightens your already highly intuitive abilities and as an earth angel, it’s important to trust and follow your ‘spidey senses.’

2021 is a Universal 5 year. You get the number 5 by adding up all the digits in 2021. 2+0+2+1=5. Each number has a frequency and vibration that affects you, both individually and collectively.

  • The vibration of 5 is freedom, change, and adaptability.
  • The angel number 555 means ‘buckle your seat belt, big changes are ahead!’
  • 5 is also the number of resilience, emergence, and optimism.
  • The energies of the number 5 will be woven into the events and experiences of this year.
  • The shadow of the independent, free-spirited number 5 is recklessness, self indulgence, boredom, and inconsistency. 

As an earth angel, understanding the vibration of numbers can help you receive clear angel messages. Remember, the angels use numbers to communicate with you. It’s common to see “angel numbers” which are often repeating numbers or number sequences like 333, 444, 555, 1234 as you move throughout your day. It’s your angels’ way of reminding you of their presence and/or giving you a direct message through the meaning of the number. 

Knowing the energy of this Universal 5 year can help you choose your angel fuel for 2021. Well, actually, the truth is the fuel chooses you. My coach says it’s like in Harry Potter, where the wand chooses the wizard. Typically, your angel fuel will both excite and stretch you at the same time. 

Remember your angel fuel is how you want to feel as you move through your days. Your guardian angels know the details of your divine life mission and love you unconditionally as you are, right now. You don’t need to change or be anyone else to receive your angels’ love. Of course there’s always room for growth and expansion of your earth angel medicine.  

You may have heard others call it “your word for 2021,” but the angel knows that it’s more than just a word. Your angel fuel is a vibration that you are devoted to embodying. As you devote to the energy of your angel fuel it’s totally normal to experience the shadow of your fuel. 

As you are receiving your angel fuel throughout the day, the shadow (or dark side) of that fuel will come up for healing. You will notice this happen around the moon cycles and other significant astrological events. It’s no reason to worry or stress. It’s a time to slow down, take a deep breath, and re-devote yourself to your fuel and receiving your angels’ love. 

What angel fuel is choosing you for 2021? Join me for a FREE FaceBook Live class on Monday 1/11/21 at 4pm CT to learn more about the universal 5 energies. I will lead a short guardian angel meditation to help you receive your 2021 angel fuel and share an angel card reading for the year. 

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