The Shadow of Being an Earth Angel—Part 1

New moons are a time of new beginnings, a time when you can press the reset button and begin again. The dark of the moon is a time to release the pain, stress, or anxiety that no longer serves you, even if at one time it did. This new moon is coupled with a solar eclipse, which means: as a highly intuitive earth angel, your intuition and psychic senses will be expanded. In general, lunar eclipses beckon an internal change, and solar eclipses affect an external or outside change. Eclipses also bring up what was previously “eclipsed” or hidden from your consciousness. 

Each moon cycle awakens your earth angel medicine and gifts. There are many gifts of being an earth angel including:

  • awesome intuitive abilities
  • deep compassion for your body
  • a wisdom that runs deep from previous lives, and
  • a resilience that finds the gem in the center of the boulder of pain.

Earth angels are here to embody the benevolence of the divine. 

It’s important to mention that earth angels are humble. Being an earth angel doesn’t make you special or better than anyone else. Being an earth angel is about reclaiming your magnificence because so is everyone. 

Earth angels are highly sensitive and highly intuitive. Your intuition is designed to keep you connected to your angels and provide instant feedback from your environment.

  • You can sense your loved ones’ emotions and feel these emotions in your body and heart.
  • You can sense or even know what others are thinking.
  • You can hear the whispers of your angels, even if you deny or dismiss it at times.
  • You can even sometimes “see” (either visually or in your mind’s eye) auras, colors, and flashes of angel light.
  • You can sense energy beyond normal human limits with ease. 

The shadow of this sensitivity is that you can also sense and feel others’ shadow—their pain, sadness, and anxiety. Many earth angels are empaths and tend to absorb others’ pain and irritations. Your high sensitivity can cause you to numb, buffer, or deny what you are truly feeling if it becomes overwhelming. 

Your ability to sense and intuit others’ pain can lead to patterns of fixing, rescuing, and saving others. This codependent behaviour does not serve your loved ones and blocks your earth angel medicine and intuitive abilities. Being highly intuitive can sometimes feel like a burden when someone may be saying one thing and vibrating a different energy. This can cause confusion or distrust of your intuitive skills. 

It’s common to judge yourself for being “too sensitive” or overly sensitive. However, the angels say there is no such thing as being “too sensitive.”

  • Your sensitivity is a beautiful gift that expands your intuition and provides discernment that keeps you safe.
  • Your sensitivity allows you to hear the whispers of your angels and your body.
  • Your sensitivity expands your ability to receive more love and compassion from the Divine. 
  • Your sensitivity is your humanity, and your angels respect you in all ways. 

Recognizing the shadow side of your earth angel gifts creates a loving balance between your humanity and your divinity that encourages self-compassion and spiritual maturity. Receiving love from your angels to heal pain happens through conscious relaxation. As you relax, release, and receive love from your angels, you learn to tend to your physical body and energetic body in equal measure. Conscious relaxation is a gift you give yourself that clears your energy, calms your mind, and keeps your heart open to your angels’ infinite love and compassion. 

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