The Shadow of Being an Earth Angel—Part 2

Happy final full moon of 2020. As an earth angel your extra sensory perception can be a source of strength and awareness. However, at times your sensitivity can feel like a challenge, if you are absorbing energy from your surroundings. The full moon illuminates your blessings as well as your shadow parts that need your angels’ love, like: pain, stress, and anxiety. Your increased intuition during the full moon allows you to be in tune with your body’s needs and stay open to your angels’ love. 

Each moon cycle enhances your earth angel medicine. Earth angel gifts include: expansive intuitive abilities, deep compassion for your body, a respect for wisdom from previous lives, and an ability to learn the lesson from your pain and bounce back. Earth angels are here to embody the benevolence of the divine. 

Earth angels cherish their body/soul connection.

  • You know your body is the divination tool.
  • You respect your body as the home of your soul.
  • Your body instantly responds to fear or love, and you trust your body’s truthful wisdom.
  • You know your energy body, your roots, your parts, your chakras, and your aura, and are devoted to taking care of it daily.

The shadow side of cherishing your body/soul connection is vanity and obsessing about your body. When I was in my 20s, I experienced a hyper-awareness of my body and was never satisfied with my weight or my skin. I was obsessed with how I looked and had little awareness of my soul’s wisdom. It’s important to find the balance between caring for the needs of your physical body and respecting your soul’s desires. 

Another shadow side of cherishing your body/soul connection is abusing your body with unhealthy substances. Again, in my 20s, I was definitely not cherishing my body/soul connection. I used lots of substances to numb and buffer my difficult emotions and suppressed feelings. Releasing the need to abuse my body with unhelpful substances has been a gradual process of increasing self-love. 

It’s common for earth angels to have food sensitivities. These sensitivities teach you to cherish your body. It’s important to honor your body’s wisdom and avoid harsh substances that block your intuition. 
Likewise, some earth angels may deny the body and only focus on the soul which leads to dissociation and being ungrounded. Obsessing about or denying the body are extremes that slow the flow of your angels’ love. Your angels can help you respect your body’s wisdom and innate ability to heal pain while honoring your soul’s light too.

Physical relaxation—the first level of relaxation in my upcoming book—is the foundation to cherishing your body/soul connection and releasing pain. Relaxation is the gateway to angelic pain relief. Relaxing your muscles from your bones is one way to tend to your body’s needs. Once your physical body relaxes, you can sink your energetic roots into the earth. With your roots in the earth you can both release what no longer serves you and receive the love and healing you need. 

Your body loves you unconditionally and is forgiving, like your angels. When fear is ready to release, it shows up as pain in your body. Your body will bounce back from pain when you focus on receiving unconditional love from your angels. Your amazing body is devoted to carrying your earth angel medicine and your soul’s light. Welcome your guardian angels to help you cherish your body/soul connection especially during each moon cycle to awaken more of your earth angel medicine.

If you are experiencing chronic or mysterious pain I would love to help you receive more love from your angels. Go to my website to the “start here” tab and fill out a BTS questionnaire. In this free one-hour break-through session, I will help you get clear about the source of your pain and share your customized angelic pain relief plan. If we are a good fit, I will share the details of my angel coaching programs with you. I look forward to connecting with you. Happy new moon. Namaste and love, Jill

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