Thanks & Giving

Volume I / Issue 11 — 24 November 2020

In America this week, we are celebrating Thanksgiving. A traditional holiday in which families and friends gather together to share a feast and express gratitude. Everyone has their own traditions for this annual holiday. Growing up, one of our traditions was to attend the annual football game between my father’s high school and their arch-nemesis. (Sounds more foreboding than it was.) We’d sip hot cocoa from non-insulated paper cups—which required thick mittens to hold—while we cheered on dad’s team. I think I attended that game only a few times, though, as more often than not, I stayed home with my mom engaging in that other Thanksgiving pastime: cooking.

We’d spend hours preparing a feast for 20+ family and friends to enjoy later that afternoon and well into the night. These are the memories that I hold dear. Especially as life changes as we grow older. An inevitable change that comes with aging is loss. Last month, I lost my father. After 14 years of struggle, he passed away rather quickly and unexpectedly. The idea of “giving thanks” this year is vastly more profound, as I am grateful for all the extra time I got to spend with him.

I am also grateful to all of you for your support this year as we brought IOM to life, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. It wasn’t easy (starting a company never is), but it was 100% worth it, as evidenced by all the lovely messages I have received over the past few months from our readers and supporters. We aim to bring the best work into the world, and it seems you agree that we are doing just that. 

The most recent message we received specifically thanked us for our excellent social media accounts, and I couldn’t agree more. So, in this newsletter, instead of highlighting a book or an author, I’d like to introduce you to the creative genius behind our social media: Ariadna. To say I am grateful for her would be an understatement. Her work, enthusiasm, and joyful approach to life have been the most unexpected gift that we all get to enjoy!

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving this week or not, we hope you get to take a moment to remember something joyful from your youth, enjoy some good food, and feel grateful for something joyful in your present.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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Meet Ariadna:

Ariadna is the creative genius behind all of our social media here at IOM. Every week she develops and shares inspirational quotes, beautiful images, playful ideas, and engaging content. In short, she seamlessly pulls together the four tenets of the company (Service, Authenticity, Integrity, and Fun) and converts them into incredibly thoughtful social media posts. 

Not only does she manage our accounts, but she also has an established online presence herself, in which she shares cooking and parenting tips at The Fussy Little Foodie. (And yes, we already have plans to develop some work with her!) She has been an invaluable addition to the team, and we look forward to many more wonderful things to come. If you haven’t followed us online, you’re missing out. We may be biased, but we love what Ari is doing, and know that you will too. 

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
– Melody Beattie –

This week on our social media, we are sharing tips on giving back as well as thoughtful ways in which you can practice gratitude. We also share some of the ways in which our own IOM family members like to volunteer and give back. 

Perhaps you might find some inspiration yourself among this week’s posts. If nothing else, they’re just really nice to look at. 

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