What exactly is an earth angel?

Hi earth angels. Happy full moon and happy October! I love the fresh start of a new month especially when it lands on a full moon. Full moons light up your gifts and talents and the many reasons you need to celebrate. The full moon also illuminates your shadow parts, like pain, anxiety, stress, and worry that need your angels’ love. As a sensitive soul you may feel the powerful effects of the full moon days before the height of it. As an earth angel you can feel how the moon magnetizes your intuition increasing your direct angelic guidance. 

On the path of the earth angel, each moon cycle is another opportunity to become more of who you are and bring more love to the world. Conscious relaxation is an essential tool of the earth angel. Learning how to consciously relax opens the flow of your angels’ unceasing love.  

Conscious relaxation opens your intuition and helps you connect with your energy body, your roots, your universe of parts, your chakras and your aura, which are all designed to protect you and release pain. Conscious relaxation is the ability to be vulnerable and tender as you take care of your precious body. Conscious relaxation opens your body and intuition to provide instant pain relief. 

I know this about conscious relaxation because I often experienced the opposite of this. My shoulders were always tight and tense especially after almost two decades of giving massages full time. It took me years to understand the power of conscious relaxation to heal pain and access my angels’ love. It also took me years to accept that I am an earth angel. 

I talk a lot about earth angels. What exactly is an earth angel? There are four main characteristics of an earth angel. Notice which one of these resonates the most with you right now. 

First, earth angels are highly sensitive and intuitive. You can sense your loved ones’ emotions and feel it in your body and heart. You can sense or even know what others are thinking. You can hear the whispers of your angels, even if you deny or dismiss it at times. You can even sometimes “see” either visually or in your mind’s eye auras, colors and flashes of angel light. You can sense energy beyond normal human limits with ease. 

Second, earth angels are those sensitive souls who treasure their body/soul connection. You understand that your body is your temple and the home of your soul. You often have food sensitivities and may have strong reactions to certain foods, beverages, and substances. Your body reacts instantly to fear or love, and you trust your body’s truthful wisdom. You know your energy body and are devoted to taking care of it daily. 

Third, as an earth angel you have a strong sense—or knowing—that you have been here before. You know in your heart that you have lived many lives and are devoted in this life to being a channel of unconditional love. Many earth angels have often experienced childhood challenges like trauma, abuse, or pain that eventually opened you to the spiritual realm. You have a strong connection with the unseen realms like, fairies, dragons, unicorns, and of course, angels. You know you have a mission here on earth, even if you don’t know all the details. 

Fourth, but not final, earth angels are resilient. You courageously bounce back as you face your pain, wounded parts, and issues with gentleness and compassion. You know there is a gem at the center of the boulder of pain. You have the ability to discover the lesson and blessing within the deepest pain you have experienced. This devotion to unconditional love transforms your pain into peace. Conscious relaxation is a gift you give yourself that clears your energy, calms your mind and keeps your heart open to your angels’ infinite love and compassion. 

Here’s this month’s earth angel mantra: “A relaxed body and mind receives the divine.”

Say this silently or out loud whenever you feel tension, stress, or worry surfacing to reconnect you to your angels’ love. 

Thank you for your courageous, compassionate heart as you walk the path of an earth angel, which is not for the faint of heart. If you are ready to step more fully onto the path of the earth angel and receive conscious relaxation tools, sign up for a free BTS.

In this free one-hour session, I will help you get clear on one ‘issue in the tissue’ blocking you from receiving love from your angels, and if we’re a good fit I will share the details of my angel coaching programs with you. You can apply for a Free BTS on my website www.Jillkempnerhealing.com

I look forward to seeing you soon. Happy full moon. Namaste and love, Jill


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    • Martina Faulkner
      March 25th, 2021 · Reply

      Elisa, Thank you for your comment. We have forwarded your email address from your other comment to Jill Kempner and removed it from this page so that it is not on public display. Have a nice day. -The IOM Team

  • Amber Jansen
    September 24th, 2021 · Reply

    I am Amber. I was contacted by a “messenger,” explaining that I am an earth angel. I’ve read much on this and became fascinated that I could be something of such beauty. In time, I accepted this, realizing this is a part of me I cannot deny. I’m extremely interested in everything you choose to share, with the understanding that everyone’s journey is unique, just as ourselves. I am intrigued; thank you!

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      Hi Amber, We have shared your message with Jill Kempner and encourage you to visit her website to learn more about her work and connect with her there. You can also sign up on our site to receive notifications when her NEW book on angel healing comes out, too. It will be November 15th! Best, The IOM Team

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    Gabriel says hello.

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