Relaxation Allows Access to Your Energy Body

Happy full moon earth angels and happy September. The full moon invites you to celebrate all the blessings, gifts and challenges that you experienced and to see where there is completion. The full moon beckons your hidden parts to surface and be seen, illuminated and loved by your angels. Full moons also magnetize your intuitive channels making it easier to hear the voice of your angels and connect to the unseen world.

In the second practice in my book—”Relax and cherish your body”—the angels highlight the four levels of relaxation that allow you access to your energy body.

Relaxation is the gateway to angelic pain relief.

Your intuition is how your angels directly communicate with you. Your intuition is your inner GPS and another way to access your energy body.

When you make time to relax your intuition opens.

There are four main aspects of your energy body that I share in my book:

your energetic roots
the universe of parts
your chakras
your aura

Your energy body, like the angels, are part of the non-physical world. Your energy body is invisible to the naked eye, so you must use your inner vision and imagination to connect with it. Your angels guide you to relax so you can trust and receive their intuitive messages.

Your guardian angels are devoted to healing your physical body. Your amazing angels love every part of you and support the sacred relationship between your physical body and your energy body. Your energy body is designed to protect your physical body and to keep you connected to the divine, including your angels. Your energy body is similar to the elimination systems in your physical body and helps you release toxins that no longer serve you.

Each level of relaxation helps you access the aspects of your energy body with ease.

  1. You can access your energetic roots through physical relaxation. Physical relaxation is consciously relaxing your muscles from your bones. Your energetic roots are connected to your root chakra at the base of your spine and pelvis and flow down your legs and feet and can go deep into the earth. You can eliminate and release stress, pain, and fear through your roots, with intention. Mother earth’s generosity will transform it into love. You can also receive love and compassion through your roots and be refueled.
  2. You can access your universe of parts through emotional relaxation. Emotional relaxation means there is room for all of you, all of your feelings, emotions, and parts. Your parts live inside your body. It’s your parts that have the “issues in the tissues” that slow the flow of your body receiving love from your angels. Your parts are meant to work in unison with each other and your soul to increase longevity and harmony for your body. “Parts” is a vast subject and I will be sharing more in upcoming blogs and workshops.
  3. Your chakras can be accessed through mental relaxation, which is about calming your monkey mind. Mental relaxation invites you to slow down your thoughts with your breath. As your mind focuses on your breath you create space between your thoughts, where all miracles, creativity and divine miracles reside. Your chakras are spinning energy centers that run along the length of your spine and each chakra is connected with a nerve plexus and a major organ.

    Chakras both transmit and receive energy. Chakras are a portal where you receive angel love. It is easier for your human body to receive the pure love of your angels through your energy body. Mental relaxation creates easy access to your energy centers as you switch from your thinking mind to your feeling heart.
  4. You can access your aura through spiritual relaxation. Spiritual relaxation is trusting that you are safe and protected in the arms of the divine. Spiritual relaxation invites a deep surrender of your wounds, issues and pains and calls you to trust there is a divine plan unfolding for your highest good and highest healing. Your aura is the invisible protective cocoon of light around you and contains your wisdom and your wounds. It is the electromagnetic field around your physical body that shields you from harsh energy and warns you of danger. When you relax spiritually you can surrender the illusion of fear and open to your auras strength, wisdom, and adaptability to protect and heal your body. 

Moving through the four levels of relaxation is a daily practice to release pain, take care of your beautiful body and receive more love from your angels.

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