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Volume I / Issue 4 — 4 August 2020

What makes a good story?

I ask myself this question often. It’s my belief that everyone has at least one story inside them to share with the world. Too often, I’ve seen people focus on the story that they think everyone will want to hear, instead of the story that they want to tell.

While there’s a formula to writing certain genres of prose (such as romance, mystery, or westerns), that doesn’t mean it’s easy. At the end of the day, you still need a good story. My college roommate, Katy Regnery, writes bestselling romance novels. Even though they follow the basic formula for the genre, she brings something unquantifiable to her work through her talent for developing and telling a story. On August 28th, Crafting the PERFECT College Essay comes out. In it, I explore the use of story in detail and how to effectively capture an admissions officer’s attention. 

Telling a story, however, is not limited to prose. 

In only three lines and 17 syllables, Taylor Wray has managed to capture the essence of storytelling in Waiting for the Moon, his first book of poetry. When I read Taylor’s words last fall, they stopped me in my tracks. Waiting for the Moon takes you on a seasonal journey through Taylor’s poetic reflections on nature. With each poem having its own page, the book itself becomes an invitation to pause, listen, and lean in just a little bit further. After all, isn’t that what great storytelling is all about?

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Martina E. Faulkner, LMSW

Martina E. Faulkner, LMSW

An avid writer, Martina’s work has crossed genres from poetry to children’s to self-help and novels. For her, the love of writing is what’s important, and all writing (regardless of genre) is an opportunity to tell a story and connect.

In her upcoming work, she takes us on a global journey in When the World Went Quiet (9/14/20), while being equally at ease on your desktop to explain three simple steps to writing in Crafting the Perfect College Essay 8/28/20).

Waiting for the Moon Cover

Waiting for the Moon

Coming September 22nd 

Waiting for the Moon is a collection of haiku-style poetry that takes you on a journey through the seasons in only 17 syllables and three lines. Taylor Wray has given us a glimpse into nature’s rhythm as he effortlessly reflects on the world around him. From frost-covered fallen leaves to the lingering days of late summer, each poem is an invitation to pause, breathe a little deeper, and savor words that paint pictures.

“Imagination rules the world.”
– Napoleon Bonaparte –

The Dublin Fox Cover


The Dublin Fox
August 14, 2020

The Dublin Fox is now available for pre-order as an ebook! Paperback versions of the book will be available on August 14th. We can’t wait to share this beautifully illustrated and magical story with you!

You can pre-order your digital copy today, by clicking any of the countries listed here:

United Kingdom

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