A relaxed mind hears the divine

Hi Earth angels Angels. Happy new Moon. New moons are a time of new beginnings and an opportunity to reset and renew. New moons provide a safe and dark space to release what no longer serves you especially stress, pain and anxiety so that you can plant the seeds of new beginnings like ease, peace, and relaxation.

Each practice in my upcoming book Receiving From Your Angels: 4 Practices to Relax, Release and Receive to Heal Physical Pain are designed to help you heal your body with the love of the angels through relaxation.

Relaxation is a choice and a practice.  One of the things I talk about in my book is that receiving from your angels is a conscious practice and begins by devoting and re-devoting yourself to receiving your angel’s love. You can use the simple yet powerful affirmation “I am devoted to receiving from my angels” to open the flow to your angels’ love. Although my clients and students say this affirmation many times a day, it’s a potent time at the new moon to re-devote yourself to receive your angel’s love.

If you are experiencing pain right now, I am sending you so much compassion. I totally understand. I remember when I tore my knee and had ACL reconstructive surgery. During my recovery when the pain got really intense, there were times when all I could do was relax. What I discovered was when I chose to relax instead of resist the pain, I could feel and hear my angels more clearly. I realized that relaxation was the key to clearly connecting with my angels.

Relaxation is the gateway to your angels’ love and angelic pain relief. My mantra and message over the next hundred days is “A relaxed mind hears the divine.” 

In practice number 2: Relax and listen to your body the angels outline the level of relaxation that ultimately brings true and lasting pain relief.

The first level is physical relaxation, which means consciously relaxing your muscles from your bones and sinking your energetic roots into the earth.

The second level is emotional relaxation, which means that there is room for all of you. Space for all of your feelings, emotions, and parts. Emotional relaxation is also about bringing your emotions into balance and as your emotions calm, your body relaxes even more.

The third level is mental relaxation, which means calming your monkey mind. Mental relaxation is about slowing down your mind by focusing on your breath and creating space between your thoughts. The space between your thoughts is where miracles, creativity, and your intuition resides.

Personally, I think mental relaxation is one of the hardest levels because we have between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. That’s a lot of thoughts in the mental layer of your aura that the angels have to navigate to send you messages and healing energy.

A simple practice you can do to engage mental relaxation is to allow your mind to focus on your breath. Simply follow the length of your breath to the top of your inhale and then follow the length of your breath to the bottom of your exhale. Even 3 rounds of this breath exercise will begin to calm your mind. This simple yet effective breath exercise will begin to slow your thoughts, creating space for your angels’ love and messages.

You can also use the mantra “A relaxed mind hears the divine” to focus your mind on a positive thought.

The fourth level of relaxation is spiritual relaxation. Spiritual relaxation is trusting divine order. Spiritual relaxation is about surrendering into the arms of the divine and knowing that there is a loving and benevolent divine plan unfolding for your highest good and highest healing. And this includes everyone. 

Within this deep state of relaxation you are able to release the layers of pain, fear, stress, and trauma from your body and energy field. The more you release pain, the more space you create to receive all of the love, compassion, healing, peace, joy, and miracles you need to heal your body and move forward courageously on your soul’s journey.

If you are experiencing chronic pain or a mysterious illness that confounds your doctors, I would love to help you relax and receive love from your angels. You can go to my website and fill out a short questionnaire so that you can have a free angel breakthrough session. In this free one-hour session we will get clear about your biggest block, and I will share the customized steps to your angelic pain relief.

I look forward to connecting with you soon. Namaste and love, Jill

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