It Takes Courage

Volume I / Issue 3 — 21 July 2020

What does it mean to have courage? Well, I think we’ve seen extraordinary examples of courage these past few months as we all dealt with universal and personal struggles. For me, courage means being brave enough to take chances—to put yourself “out there” and stake a claim in this life. I think, for example, it takes a lot of courage to write about yourself, especially when it’s to answer college essay questions.

In approximately 500 words, every college applicant is supposed to come up with a well-written and insightful answer to the question: “What makes you special?” After spending several years helping young people understand how best to craft their college essays, I decided to turn my teaching into a book and workbook. My goal was to simplify the process and make it more readily available so that applicants from anywhere could learn a basic formula that allows them to focus on what they want to convey to inspire the admissions committee. 

Of course, there is always the “just do it” attitude to overcome fear, which is Kelly Ulrich’s advice to young artists. In possibly the shortest answer we received from our talent regarding their top tips to aspiring writers/artists, Kelly simply wrote: “Just do it. And don’t stop.” 

Kelly’s onto something there. Sometimes courage is simply showing up and choosing to keep going. It’s easier, of course, when you know what makes your heart feel alive, like Kelly with her art or me with my writing. I hope whatever it is that makes your heart feel alive gives you courage to keep on keepin’ on.

Wishing you well,

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Kelly Ulrich

Kelly Ulrich’s beautiful illustrations and whimsical stories are sure to bring a smile to your face! Well known for her comic strip “Nala, Dean, and Vinny,” we are delighted to have her in the IOM family of talent as Resident Artist. Her spirit is infectious and apparent in every detail of her work. In her upcoming book The Dublin Fox (August 2020), and with her illustrations in When the World Went Quiet (rescheduled to September), Kelly’s artistic talent evokes happiness in every brushstroke.

Crafting the Perfect College Essay - Cover

Crafting the Perfect College Essay

Coming August 2020 — With college application season arriving in just a few short weeks, Martina E. Faulkner’s Crafting the Perfect College Essay is timed just right. Rising high school seniors won’t want to miss this! A companion workbook helps to personalize the writing experience and process to the individual. As more emphasis is placed on the Common Application essay each year, this guide is perfect for crafting an essay that speaks to the individuality and unique strengths of each student.

“Just do it. And don’t stop.”
– Kelly Ulrich –


Special Feature

Immune Strengthening Meditation
by Awakening Healing Axis

Did you know that AHA has a youtube channel that features a number of publicly available meditation sessions? The one we are featuring today focuses on immune strengthening, something that is especially important these days. Just don’t forget to wear a mask as well!

Upcoming Events

Jill Kempner

Jill Kempner

IET Heart & Throat
Chakra Healing

July 25, 2020

In this one hour group healing (via Zoom) you will relax your physical body and allow for deep cellular healing from your angels to clear any pain or discomfort from your physical body connected to your heart and throat chakras, including the muscle of your heart, lungs, thyroid, parathyroid, mouth, teeth and jaw.

This group healing experience is valued at $44 and is being offered for a limited time for only $14.


Awakening Healing Axis

Awakening Higher Frequencies: Greater Alignment with Divine Consciousness

October 18-22, 2020

This multi-day retreat in Minnesota is an opportunity to connect more deeply with your inner self, especially in regards to your relationship to divine consciousness. (AHA will be adhering to COVID guidelines for in-person work.)

Each AHA retreat is unique, exploring a multitude of different advanced healing techniques, with tranquil locations specifically selected for the work we share. You will vitalize and deepen your gifts through in-depth experiential learning.


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