When We Gather

This weekend a high school friend reached out via messenger, and it was so lovely to connect. Our reunion was canceled (understandably), and we both lamented the fact that we wouldn’t get to hug and see each other. She then said, “It will be even better now when it happens!!”

She is so right. In these extraordinary times, we are being reminded of how very lucky we are. Lucky to have each other and to love people enough that you miss simply hugging them, being in their presence, and/or planning to see each other.

When our conversation ended, I wrote. My hope is this poem is a balm for all the aching hearts… to know that when we see each other again–when we gather–it will be so much the sweeter for having navigated these times.

When We Gather

When we gather
We will hug longer
More often

We will smile more
At the little things
That give us pause

We will hold on tighter
Not for fear of losing
But for the love of having
Each other

When we gather
We will remember
That it’s not in what we want
That we are made whole
But in caring for what we need

And Presence

Presence with each other
And the Joy that comes in

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