It’s time for something new–and some happy news

It’s officially Spring – a time of renewal. And yet, in the midst of fear, it is sometimes difficult to focus on hope or the promise that lingers in tomorrow. In these unprecedented times of a global pandemic, it can be even more important to bring light into our hearts. I hope, therefore, that this letter brings you a moment of pause in your day and puts a smile in your heart (and that you are staying healthy.)

More than five years ago, I had a vision of what the future held. I knew what was possible, I just didn’t know when. Then, about two years ago, the seed that had been planted started to break through the surface. I realized then that it had truly taken root and that 2020 was the time for it to sprout. As such, it is with great pride and gratitude that I can now tell you about this wondrous sapling that will soon grow into a beautiful tree… and, someday, eventually a forest.

Today I launch a new company: IOM. IOM stands for Inspirebytes Omni Media. I chose the name because it represents inclusivity and empowerment. After all, “I” and “Om” symbolize “self” and “universe.” Put them together, and anything is possible.

IOM already has a broad, impressive, and growing family of talent. Take a look at our website to learn more about each of the amazing individuals offering their unique gifts to the world. While there, browse our upcoming releases and sign up for our brand-new email list so that you are always in the loop on what’s to come. I am certain you will find at least one item that sparks your curiosity, if not more. Here are just a few of the books we will be starting with this year:

It means that you now have a new resource for really great work. From children’s books to self-help, to inspired poetry and prose, IOM is building a catalog that can take you from the early years through wherever your journey takes you. Our topics range from the esoteric to the entertaining. Where else will you learn how to cook seasonally, while also immersing yourself in haiku that is transcendent? Or perhaps a novel that leaves you spellbound will entice you, while you order a college essay writing course for your teenage child.

As we grow, our offerings will expand with us, all you have to do is sign up to stay connected! Our semi-monthly newsletter will introduce you to the authors and artists behind the work, while highlighting what’s to come (and, of course, we’ll never share your information with anyone).

So, join me on this journey of a lifetime and make IOM your new home for some of the best work you’ll ever be fortunate enough to come across. Who could ask for more?


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