When NOT to Apologize

Never apologize for feeling proud of yourself, or your accomplishments, and sharing it.Do I really have to say more? Ok, I will. Recently, a friend shared a picture of himself, because he was very proud of all the hard work he had done to reclaim his jaw line. But when he posted it to his friends on social media, he apologized for the moment of vanity in advance.

This got me thinking…

Why do we apologize for our accomplishments? For our successes? For our blessings or gifts? Why do we feel the need to apologize for the good things in our life, whether hard- or easily-won? What is it inside of us that feels the need to diminish our joy in our accomplishments?

Is it fear of hubris? Fear of being cast out of the tribe for being “too much?” Or is it because we’ve been taught that to be proud is sinful – when it’s anything but.

To feel proud of yourself is to feel happy and grateful in something you’ve done. There is no sin in that. No matter what some institution outside of yourself (society, religion, etc.) tells you.

It’s ok to share your blessings.
It’s ok to share your hard work.
It’s ok to share your results.
It’s ok to share your joy.

It’s ok to feel proud of yourself and share it.

It’s also ok to share your fear, anxiety, frustrations, struggles, and losses.

It is all of the above that makes us human, and it’s all of the above that allows us to truly connect with one another through empathy and understanding. So, I will say it again: Never apologize for feeling proud of yourself… and sharing it. In fact, please share it. Share it as much as you want so that others can celebrate with you. And then you can celebrate with them when they have something to share, in return. Wouldn’t life be so much better that way?

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