YES and NO

What is the most powerful thing you’ve done? Or that you can think of?

For me, when I think about Power, an image from a scene in The Matrix pops up. It’s the moment toward the very end where Neo (Keanu Reeves) stops in the hallway, turns to his attackers, and simply says, “No.”

The entire infrastructure begins to unravel. Neo rejects the reality he had been forced to accept, and in that singular moment what was deemed “real” begins to fall away. The way things have always been done is challenged with a single-syllable two-letter word.


There can be a lot of Power in the word “no.” It’s about taking a stand. I have a phrase I started using with my clients: “stand in your boots.” (I even stand up and do it and ask them to join me.)

Stand up for yourself.
Stand firm.
Stand tall.

Standing is all about owning your space, your presence, in the world.

Similarly, the word “yes” is equally as powerful… when you’re saying it to yourself.


Saying “yes” to yourself is about acknowledging and embracing your validity in the world. It’s about honoring your place, your purpose and your truth.

“Yes” and “no” are Power-full words. They invite the potential of the Universe to a seat at the table, your table – where your dreams can become your reality.

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