The Truth About Perfectionism

Perfectionism has a duality to it. The realization of this duality is the key to liberating ourselves from the shackles of chronic perfectionism.

Here’s the simple truth:

Perfection is unattainable in application. There will always (always) be another way to do something better, or more perfectly. “Perfect” as an attainable goal doesn’t exist.

Life is messy, strange, beautiful, wonderful, scary, and everything in between. In its own magnificent way, life is imperfect.

Accepting that life is imperfect in all its glory is freedom. And, once we accept that truth, we actually find that life feels pretty darn perfect, exactly as it is.

So, I ask you:

Are you an imperfect perfectionist? Or…

Would you like to be a perfect imperfectionist?

The choice is yours. 😉


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