Inspiring and Embracing Change

I’m big into change. It’s in my top 5 list of topics and issues that I discuss, write about, and teach. My professional mission is:

Inspiring Change, one person, one moment, one word at a time.

Whereas my personal mantra is:

Instilling Hope, Inspiring Change.
(It’s on my business card!)

So, what happens when the Life Coach/Writer is undergoing a period of change herself? Well, she writes about it, of course! Partially to inspire others, and partially to share authentically and allowing herself to be inspired by others.

That being said, here’s an excerpt from a book I’m currently working on, on change:

“…if you desire change, it’s not enough to pray for it, or meditate on it, or even yoga yourself or chant into it. You have to incorporate all four aspects of health in a singular approach that makes the Universe stand up and take notice. You have to actively pursue change with every aspect of your being, simultaneously, harmoniously, and deliberately. And you have to do it, bit by bit, every day. Because that’s what creates lasting change: small movements accumulated over time to create big steps.

It goes without saying that change can be hard. In my experience, I’ve known it to fall anywhere on the spectrum from ‘effortless’ to ‘near impossible.’ Last week I read something about focus that put a different perspective on it.

IMG_0238I then wrote this:

Ignoring is a form of escapism; focusing means change is possible.

It may be the hard part or it may be effortless. The guarantee is that it falls somewhere on the spectrum. The further guarantee is that it will almost always result in something better. Because the simple truth is:

If a desire for change is in your heart, it means something in your present isn’t working; which means that change opens up the possibility for something better.

In my experience, whether I’ve gone about it reluctantly, willingly, or passively, making a change has always resulted in “something better” – even if it didn’t feel like it at the time. Which is why I’ve learned to create and embrace change (however it shows up), and help others to do the same.

With that, I’ll leave you with one more quote from one of my favorite musicals, Jekyll & Hyde:

“The only thing constant is Change.”

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