On Faith and Questioning (and what to do when you disagree)

I recently had the opportunity to meet and do some work with an energy healer who is very good at what she does (ie: she has quantifiable – scientifically measurable – success). I wasn’t planning on working with her, but she asked, so I agreed. Not surprisingly to me, we butt heads. (My initial reluctance confirmed.)

I’ve since reflected on the experience and the “why” of it all, and I’ve come up with this:

She had a very clear and defined view of her interpretation of religious history, its role in energy work and spirituality, and how that plays out today. She said some things so firmly and unwaveringly that I reacted. I reacted not to what she said, but how she said it, following up her statements with a list of her credentials in theology and inquiring about mine.

That was enough for me to simply let it go and step away emotionally, hearing the thought in my head: You don’t want her imposing her beliefs on you, so do not impose yours on her. With that I remarked, “We simply have a different perspective on this, and that’s ok.”

It’s always a “red flag” for me when someone doesn’t seem to leave room for someone else’s knowledge, wisdom or experience. Here’s why:

Faith doesn’t require credentials.

A PhD in religious studies doesn’t automatically translate into greater (aka: better) faith or wisdom. It may mean more book knowledge, but it ends there. All wisdom and all experiences are valid.

Faith doesn’t exclude anyone.

In fact, faith is all-inclusive, opening its arms and welcoming anyone who is looking for its embrace, regardless of which religion, god, or belief you hold.

So, for me, it was an opportunity to renew my understanding, my experience and my belief in what I have learned, what I know in my heart, and what I have experienced – always leaving room for more. Because

faith without questioning isn’t necessarily faith.

This person suggested to me that questioning the words, or the belief, renders it powerless. She said that the minute we question something, it automatically loses all its power and magic. I couldn’t disagree more.

In my experience, questioning has always led to a deeper understanding, and a greater sense of reverence for the belief itself. A deeper connection, if you will.  This is just my experience, and it’s what I know to be true. It might be something different for you, as it is for her. And that’s the beauty of it all.

We each get to have our own understanding and experience of faith and divinity. Where we collectively overlap, we join together and connect with each other. The only times we get into trouble are when we try to impose those beliefs on others, and prevent them from having their own inspired experiences.

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