For Love and Wine

How many of you have seen the movie “The Bishop’s Wife” from 1947? It stars Cary Grant,┬áDavid Niven, and Loretta young. It’s a feel-good Christmas movie that was remade in 1996, with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston as The Preacher’s Wife. Both great movies that I highly recommend.

What I want I share with you, though, is an often overlooked sub-plot from the original movie.

There’s a wonderful character named Professor, played by Monty Woolley. In a scene with Cary Grant (who is an angel, by the way), the Professor questions his own mortality. He seems to sense that Cary might be from the Heavens, so he simply asks if he will have time to finish his life’s work. Cary reassures him that he will. In that same scene, Cary ‘enhances’ the Professor’s wine so that no matter how much he drinks, there’s always more. The bottle is always full, and he never gets drunk.

He makes it everlasting.

In a later scene, the Professor is marveling at the wine, by explaining to Julia (Loretta Young) how it never empties, never intoxicates, but rather lifts his spirit, warms his heart, and inspires him in his work.

This, my friends, is what Love does.
The wine is Love, and Love is infinite.

When we tap into that source of pure love, and allow it to permeate us, we will always have enough, for ourselves, and more importantly, for others. It lifts us, inspires us, and warms us. It’s everlasting, requiring nothing in return. There’s a song quote along those lines, by Enya:

“You know when you give your love away, it opens your heart, everything is new”

Indeed. It opens your heart…to an endless supply.

Drink the wine. Let it warm you.
Share the wine. Let it inspire you.
There’s always enough.


  • Jen
    March 27th, 2014 · Reply

    What good fortune to stumble upon your blog today. This was exactly the message from the Universe I needed to hear today. So exactly… thank you! May we both be blessed with the wisdom to recognize love.

    • Martina
      March 27th, 2014 · Reply

      So glad to hear that, Jen. And thank you for sharing! Have a beautiful day! xo, Martina

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