Love is a 4-letter word

Today is Valentine’s Day. A day where love is celebrated with gifts, tokens, declarations, cards, and chocolate (yum). I’m stating the obvious and being a bit cheeky, just as I did in the title, for a reason:

For me, Love is not confined to a day.
It is something to be celebrated every day.

As such, I often feel conflicted about the Valentine’s Day rituals. On the one hand, I would never want to stifle love or speak out against any celebration thereof. On the other hand, why do we need a holiday to remind us to share our love with others? Once a year? I’m sort of languishing in a Rolling Stones song on this one (hint: stuck between a rock and a hard place).

Actually, though, I jest. It’s not that bad (meaning: rock and hard place), and I’m not stuck. I’m all for celebrating love, sharing love, and showing love. I just wish it were a bigger part of our daily routines. I think life would be nicer if it were. 🙂

With that in mind, I leave you with this:

photo copy 2


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