The Good Parts

“I can’t stop now, I’m just at the good part!”

This was a quote from a cartoon sketch my parents had done of me when I was growing up. It was a big 70s thing, I think. (I’ve just dated myself, haven’t I? Ah well.)

I can't stop now!
I can’t stop now!

I was thinking about this the other night, and how I still read a book until 4am if it’s gripped me. How could I stop? But, in truth, it’s so rarely the case as adults. In fact, it’s quite the reverse.

As a child the world was FULL of good parts. Everything had the potential to be exciting, because we still sensed adventure and exploration around every corner – ripe for the taking! Life, as it seemed, was a series of good parts stitched together by the occasional “muddle through” bits, like brussel sprouts.

As an adult, it’s quite different. Instead of “can’t stop” we “don’t stop” because we’re always hoping to get to the good parts….some day. We keep going and going, searching for the elusive good bits, all the while munching on the brussel sprouts of life.

What a difference!

Now, I’m not giving brussel sprouts a bad rap. Actually, they are quite good once I changed how I cooked them. And that’s the point. When we’re muddling through something, changing our perspective can turn something we tolerate into something we can’t get enough of. (Like those 4am books!!)

Yes, as adults we have more responsibilities. However, we also have more independence and choice. We get to choose how we look at each day, and that, in itself, can shift muddling through into those lovely good bits that we don’t want to stop.

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