Tomatoes and roses

Tonight I had a very interesting conversation with a client. We raised the question of love. Is it enough to be lovable, in order to be loved? There is a quote from Louise Hay that suggests just that. Certainly it’s an ingredient, but is it everything….

In the end our discussion came down to a combination of being willing to allow for the possibility and potential for love (faith-driven life) and a sense of empowerment to create an environment in which love can grow and thrive (action-driven life). This is what is most important….this merging of God’s will and our own will. God has not asked us to have such profound faith in Him that we sit back and do nothing waiting for Him to provide. He has asked us to be participants in our lives and to have faith in Him for the miracles and extras. It’s as if God has said, “Go, tend your garden. Prepare the soil. Clear the weeds. Create the fences to protect the young growth, and set up a system of watering and maintenance — and I will help by providing the seeds, and the sunlight.” If we don’t first prepare the ground, clear the space (and designate the space), there is no room for growth, love and life. There is no room for the miracles.

In the garden of our lives, whether it’s love, career, family or anything else for which we are asking God to help, it’s up to us to prepare the way for the miracles. Sometimes we create our garden and a lot of time passes before we see the first signs of growth and life. It’s in this interlude that we must have faith. Faith in knowing that there is a Divine timing of things, and that sometimes the growth is occurring out of sight, underground. This is what God has asked of us….to prepare, do our best, and have faith. If we do this, we will be blessed. We may not know if God is giving us roses or tomatoes, but we know that he will give us exactly what we need.

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