Accidents Happen . . .

Today I super glued my fingers together. It was an accident, of course. The tube just exploded the instant I punctured it. Contacts under pressure, indeed. The point is, it was an accident. Accidents happen. Life happens. It’s how we react and what we choose to do about them that matters. And just as there is an ‘antidote’ of sorts to fix the super glue fiasco (nail polish remover, actually), there are antidotes to life’s ‘accidents.’ Alternatively, the super glue bottle also advises that regular hand washing over the course of a few days will also remove the hardened substance from my fingertips. Ahh yes. The tincture of time.

Time is one of those oft forgotten remedies to almost all of life’s challenges. “Time heals all wounds.” Eventually yes it does – if we allow it to. What do I mean by that? Let me give you an example:

If you have a cut on your leg and everyday you open it up, for whatever reason, and re-experience the pain and suffering of that wound, it will not heal – even with time. Why? Because you are choosing to open the wound each day and re-injure yourself. Even if the original injury was an accident, the subsequent actions are choices. If, however, you treated the wound initially with love and care, and accepted it for what it was – an accident – time will eventually heal it. Why? Because you made the choice to allow that to happen. Sometimes we want something to be fixed so badly that we cause repeated injury by messing with it, rather than allowing it to take its course. In the end, we prolong the healing that is destined to take place. Hopefully, we learn from that experience and make a different choice the next time.

Now this is not to say that we can’t be proactive about our lives and our health. We can be. Sitting back and waiting for time to fix something is also a choice. It’s what we do – the actions we take – while waiting for time to pass that matters.

For instance, back to my fingers. I recognized it was an accident, and I took the immediate necessary steps to fix as much as I could. I found some ‘goof off’ and managed to remove about 70% of the hardened glue. But I also had a commitment – a job to do – so at some point, I stopped. I chose to return to my work and allow for time (and water) to take care of the remainder of the glue. As such, I feel accomplished, empowered and content with the outcome of the accident. I’m not resentful or stressed. I’m accepting and aware. And I am allowing for the remainder to resolve itself naturally. This has allowed me to continue what I was doing – honoring myself and my responsibilities – and feel positive about it.

So once again, it comes down to choice, acceptance and allowing. When we choose how we are going to respond to something, instead of having an emotional reaction, we are in a better place to be empowered to accept things in the situation and allow for the possibility of a positive outcome. How awesome is that?

In Love and Light,


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