Seeing and Believing

“Seeing isn’t believing; Believing is seeing.” (‘The Santa Clause’) Or was it the other way around? Regardless, what it means is that in order to truly see something, you have to believe in it first. You have to give it the energy it requires to come to fruition and manifest in your life.

As an example, have you ever noticed that when you’re interested in a certain color, car, handbag, or type of food – you suddenly start seeing it everywhere? This is the same dynamic. Now, here’s the chicken/egg question: are you seeing it everywhere because you’re simply more attuned to it? Or are you seeing it everywhere, because you’ve given it energy and invited it into your life? Is your glass half full or half empty? You get to choose the answer.

If you believe something is in your life, because you gave it energy to be there, then you will see it that way. If you believe something is in your life, simply because you’re more aware of your surroundings – then that’s your answer. There will always be people on both sides of the fence on this. The fact is – when we believe something to be possible, it becomes possible. We’ve given it the energy and validation it needs to exist. It’s that simple. Not only does it become possible; but with clarity of thought, intention and energy, it becomes more and more probable. How exciting is that? Now, something to remember is that this works both ways. Just as giving energy to “positive” things in our lives helps those things to manifest and come to fruition, it also works when we focus on more “negative” things as well. If you believe someone to be passive-aggressive, for example, they will be – and in your experience of them, they will become more and more so as you continue to hold that belief.

As a result, the question needs to be asked: How do we manage our thought patterns? And can we actually “control” our thoughts? Well, there are a lot of opinions on this – so I’m going to suggest that the opinion that counts is yours. Today. Can you control your thoughts? I can’t. Not yet, at least. But I can influence them in certain directions – that’s what I call “managing our thought patterns.” It’s a bit like positive reinforcement. As we manage our thoughts (and reinforce the ones that bring love, life, prosperity and serenity into our lives) we become more attuned to that type of thinking. It takes time, and practice, but it’s well worth the effort. So, the next time you say something like, “it’s just my darn luck!” or “this always happens to me,” think about what you’re inviting into your life. If you’re saying it in response to getting a table at your favorite restaurant without any wait – great! However, if you’re saying it because you stepped in a puddle that was deeper than you thought, perhaps you should take note of what you’re creating in your world.

We create what we experience. Sometimes it manifests quickly, sometimes it takes lifetimes. Everything we are today is the result of something we created in the past. How awesome is that?!? It means that everything we will be tomorrow, we can influence and help create today. Let me also say, though, that everything as it exists today is perfect. It’s all as it’s meant to be, and unfolding as it’s meant to unfold. Even when it’s messy and bumpy, like the leaking bark of a spruce. Hard truth to swallow sometimes (trust me, I know), but true nonetheless.

So, to reinforce the beauty of that truth, while you work on creating your magical tomorrows, here is a little validation you can post on your bathroom mirror:

I am everything I need to be at this moment in time;

I have everything I need to “be” at this moment in time;

I am complete.

Define “complete” as you like. For me, it’s a word that brings a feeling of freedom and peace. Ahhh…….. May you be complete.

In Love and Light,


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