Infinite Love and Gratitude

This week I would like to share with you my experiences from a workshop/training I took this weekend. The workshop was called “Conscious Body-Conscious Mind” presented by Dr. Darren Weissman, based on his book, work and research. His book is called “The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude: An Evolutionary Journey to Awakening Your Spirit” and the workshop was the first step in learning The LifeLine Technique. Now, I have been working with Dr. Darren’s friend and colleague, Dr. Tom Bayne, for over five years. I knew exactly what the LifeLine was all about, but I had never read the book, nor had I thought about learning the technique myself. Then I signed up, at the last minute, for this workshop – and I’m very glad I did.

Let me back up. Dr. Darren’s work is based on the simple truth that we are all energy – that everything is energy. From there, he expands that truth to explore how energy – specifically “negative” thoughts or emotions – can impact us and manifest in our lives physically, causing illness or disease. Ok, that was a REALLY simplified explanation of what’s going on, but I wanted to try to break it down into something more easily digestible. So – where does that take us, and what does that mean?

It means that thoughts, emotions and our environment can make us sick. And if that can happen – then the reverse is also true. We can heal ourselves by changing those patterns. Or, rather, our body can heal itself and function optimally if we allow it to. How? By creating an environment of, and offering it, “infinite love and gratitude” from a place of presence and compassion. Wow. So, during these three days of intense study, work and learning – I realized that even though I had been working with this premise for about five years, on and off, I hadn’t really accepted it.

Almost every appointment I went to with Dr. Tom, I wanted “him” to fix “me.” Now, this isn’t to say that I didn’t grasp it on some level, nor is it to say that I haven’t done some amazing work with Dr. Tom, shifting energy and emotional patterns that I’ve held for a very long time. Because I have done both, and I am so much healthier, happier and stronger than I was five years ago. But participating in this workshop, learning the technique from the inside out (including the research and work behind it) has opened my mind to new possibilities for wellness. I am so grateful.

I also realize that my acceptance is not yet complete. I know that I am now open to the possibility of these truths more than ever before, but that I am going to go through this process in a manner that is congruent with who I am. So, for me, that means small bites – with the occasional large gulp. Regardless of the speed, those are still steps forward – and isn’t that what it’s all about? Figuring out what works for you, and then honoring that process? We can do anything we want. We can wake up each morning and make that choice. Some people like to dive into things completely – head first, and eyes closed. Others like to test the water, sit by it for a while, then maybe put their feet in. Eventually – it doesn’t matter which speed we choose, because as long as we are honoring ourselves, and making our decisions authentically, from a place of love and gratitude, we are doing exactly what we need – and we will make progress. If we do things that way, then there is a greater likelihood that we will consistently move forward, rather than taking two steps forward, then one back, then another forward, then two back, and on and on.

So – while I couldn’t possibly distill everything I learned this weekend into one weekly writing (and I wouldn’t want to), you can be sure that my heart and my mind are processing all of this new information and it will slowly seep into my life as it’s meant to. And I will continue moving forward on this journey of mine, sharing with you as I go, in order to better help you on your own path.

For now, the biggest piece I would like to share with you is this: offering yourself and others “infinite love and gratitude” from your heart can have a profound effect on your life. The world – the Universe – is infinite, and so are you. I offer each of you Infinite Love & Gratitude from my heart.

THree THings

Body – Do your best to love yourself everyday. This can simply be making a decision to increase your water intake – especially during the dry winter months. I know I am. Infinite Love & Gratitude to your beautiful body.

Mind – Do your best to honor yourself everyday. Authentically speak your truth from a place of love. Infinite Love & Gratitude to your amazing mind.

Spirit – Do your best to be yourself everyday. You are energy – you are pure love and light. Infinite Love & Gratitude to your magnificent spirit.

In Love and Light,


For more information on Dr. Darren Weissman or Dr. Tom Bayne – please visit their websites at: and, respectively. You won’t regret it 🙂 (Photos of Dr. Darren’s book and Dr. Tom’s lotus logo duplicated from their websites.)

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  • Ms. Houghton
    December 9th, 2009 · Reply

    WOW Martina, You have just explained what I have been trying to ‘comprehend’ and how to explain this technique to others in a “digestable” format. Thank you for this! Lifechanging it is, exciting, invigorating and transforming!


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