Two as One

This week I was taking a walk in the neighborhood, and I saw something I’ve never noticed before: two trees as one. It wasn’t as if it was one tree that just had two main branches or trunks – this is two trees, until it becomes one as it approaches the earth. Was it originally two seeds that grew together and then discovered their own identities? Or was it one seed that grew solidly and then shared more of itself with the world by splitting in two?

Either way, it was the most amazing gift to walk along and stumble upon this creation. It brought a lot of thoughts to my mind – but most importantly, I just sat in awe of this embodiment of what it means to be UNI-versal. All is One. One is All.

In my daily life, I strive to incorporate this philosophy – that I am part of the whole, and in so being, I am also whole. “As above, so below.” But what does that actually mean? There are so many theories, stories, writings and philosophies out there that sometimes it’s hard to weed through them all and come to the higher, more simplistic meaning. I am not going to throw another definition into the mix. However, I am going to offer a few thoughts that I have had along my own journey. To use an old algebraic formula (a=b=c):

I am energy; I am made up of energy; everything is made up of energy – therefore, I am everything.

If I am everything – then everything is me. Therefore, I am nothing, because I am not different – everything is the same. We are all One.

I’ve read so many different perspectives on this same truth – and at times, I have been very confused, because it is not always easy to wrap your mind around this idea. Your mind gets too involved and tries to rationalize it out – but your heart knows. And thanks to this glorious tree, I understand it better now, in its simplest form: For although we may each reach out differently, grow differently, experience things differently – at our base, we are all One. The Universe has given me the perfect example in my walk.

Now – I know some of you are thinking: so, how does this apply to my daily life? What can this truth do to help me out with what’s going on today? (Can you hear your mind getting involved, already?) Here’s my take on those questions:

THree THings

Body – If everything is the same, then it is important to recognize that the feelings and reactions you may have when someone says or treats you a certain way, will also (usually) apply to them, too.

That is to say: “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” This is the simplest instruction manual for living a peaceful life of intention…the Golden Rule. Do you follow it? Do you wish others would? Wouldn’t it be nice if we all followed it just a little bit more?

Mind – Just as you would “do unto others” – you should also “do unto yourself.” How are you treating yourself lately? What are you saying in your mind, that others cannot hear? Do you look in the mirror and hear your voice speak to you with love? Or with judgment? Something to be aware of.

Spirit – In our daily Pause, we allow for the wisdom of the moment to come through. When we are connected enough, we see things we’ve never seen before; hear things we’ve never heard before. Pause, re-connect, and see what you’ve been missing. You’ll be glad you did.

In love and light,


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