Faith and Trust

What would you do – if you could do anything? Last week I went to a workshop/retreat in Hawaii, and in addition to learning incredibly wonderful healing methods, I also met amazing people. Two, in particular, filled me with envy and awe. Both had recently decided to go in search of new lives for themselves, and the workshop/retreat was the first step on an unknown path that they knew they had to follow.

Neither one has a “home” in the traditional sense. Their home is, quite literally, planet earth. Both, of course, have family and friends who will always welcome them into their lives, and both left loved ones behind in search of their passion in life. Is this selfish? Or is this the ultimate act of self-love? And is there a difference?

I found myself envious of their ability to simply pack up, store away, and head 4,000 miles across the world in search of a new way of living. I was in awe of the courage, strength and determination it took to make such a leap. A leap of faith knowing that that it was the “right” thing for them to do. A leap of faith knowing that this was part of their path, and a leap of faith in trusting that inner voice that said, “just go.” How much faith does it take to make such a leap – and can we actually take that leap without the extreme of relinquishing our current life, as we know it? I don’t know – but it’s a question I am asking myself daily, since I returned home.

My struggle right now is in trusting — trusting the Universe that I am on the right path, and that I will always have everything I need in order to succeed, be well, be healthy, and serve others. It’s a leap of faith. It doesn’t require my selling my home, storing my belongings and leaving my family behind – but it is equally as great in scope. It’s a leap that I know, once taken, will bring me so much peace, happiness and joy – but it’s still a leap, and it’s not easy. My friends in Hawaii are well on their way, trusting as they go along – working with the moment, and whatever crops up. It is a model I am eager to follow, in my own way.

So, what will it take to move forward into this next realm of consciousness and acceptance? What can I do to assist myself as I willingly surrender to my path and the infinite wisdom of the Universe? I can eat well, and honor my body. I can engage the wisdom all around me, and honor my mind. And I can maintain mindful practices, such as meditation, and honor my spirit. What can you do?

This week, it’s all about being open to the possibilities of the Universe, and allowing its many gifts to unfold in your life, by taking a leap of faith and trusting. So difficult, and yet, so easy at the same time. I wish you only the best as the beauty of this process presents itself to you.

THree THings

Body – how can you honor your body so that it is in a state of welcoming embrace? Would stretching in the morning help?

Mind – how would you honor your mind, to keep it alive and engaged in the world around you? How about turning off the television one night a week? Or three? Or all?

Spirit – what makes you feel most alive and passionate at your deepest core? What makes you giggle inside like a child? What feeds your soul?

In love and light,


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