What is SLC?

Since starting my blog, and talking about my new business with friends and family, I have been asked to share what Synthesis LifeCoaching (SLC) really means.  It’s been incredibly helpful to me to have received all of your questions and feedback – because you have helped me to fine-tune what it’s all about, and, more importantly, what value it can add to your lives. Thank you.

Synthesis LifeCoaching (SLC) uses the co-creative process of Coaching, to work together to unite Mind, Body and Spirit, to create a healthier, happier and more successful you.  We join forces, if you will, and explore everything – one issue at a time – to build a better, stronger, more complete version of yourself.  I like to think that we are actually just uncovering layers and layers of external junk, to get at the real “you” deep within.  Think of it as restoring an old painting, removing layers of debris and build-up, in order to reveal the breath-taking beauty that lies beneath…..and that was always there all along.  That’s what SLC does.  By working together, using the model of the co-creative relationship, the results are lasting, and the change is more immediate and pronounced.  
How is this different from therapy?  The main difference between Coaching and Therapy or Counseling is the co-creative relationship.  Coaching doesn’t explore the why’s and how’s of how you got where you are.  We accept that it’s where you are, and we work together to find solutions to get you to where you want to be.  Working together is the key.  It’s not one person’s opinion or advice (in fact, it usually involves little or no advice)….but it’s two people uniting to bring about meaningful and lasting change.  If you’re ready for change in your life; if you have an issue that you have not been able to resolve…..Coaching is for you.
Now, what about the Mind, Body, Spirit (MBS) connection?  I could babble about scientific proof that it exists, and I could go the other route and talk about all the gurus and teachers that know of its existence, but can’t objectively prove it.  Either way, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is what you believe, today.  If you believe that there is no connection between the three….then you will live your life accordingly.  I’ve been there, I’ve done that.  And I’d venture a guess to say that the SLC approach isn’t for you….at this point in time.
But if you have the smallest question in your mind that there may possibly be a correlation between all three, and the way you feel and act — then join the rest of us who know, not from scientific data (though there is plenty) but from actual experience that the MBS connection is real.  When all three aspects of your Self are living in harmony, working together and creating a more perfect union – you know it!  Again, I’ve been there, done that.  I’ve glimpsed the bliss and inner peace that comes as a result of harmonizing and uniting Mind, Body and Spirit.  And I am currently working on finding a tried and true path to living in that space of harmony 24/7, that will work for everyone.  In the meantime, I know it exists, and I know I can help you find it, too.
We’re all in this Earth School together – learning, co-creating and sharing our experiences, so that one day we will all be better for having lived it.  So, join forces with me, to Synthesize your Self into a more complete you – the way you were meant to be: happy, healthy and successful.  Together, we can work to remove the layers of build-up and reveal the beautiful you that lies beneath.
In love and light,

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