I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s entry, and I’ve had a few additional thoughts…but mainly, a question:

How do we live in the real world and the intuitive/Spirit world simultaneously?
Previously, it has always been thought of as two mutually exclusive worlds.  EITHER you were a suit-wearing pencil pusher, who enjoyed eating out at restaurants, buying the latest car and clothes, attending sporting and arts events; OR you were a hippy-dippy tree hugger, wearing Birkenstocks and practicing meditation for hours on end, while eating vegetarian organic foods – before that was popular.  So….what about now? What about today? Are these worlds still mutually exclusive? Or, is it possible that we can live comfortably and peacefully in both at the same time.  Honoring our inner spirit, while eating sushi?  Centering ourselves, while watching basketball from the 4th row? Listening to our intuition while shopping for the latest pair of shoes?
Yesterday, I reverted to the “old” way of being: “Either-Or.”  I was EITHER in the intuitive mind, OR I was in the material (human) one.  I recognized this, and today I am expounding on it.  This has been my path – my journey:  To marry the two worlds, as so many are now doing (or longing to do), to find that one complete whole, where the physical supports the spiritual, which supports the emotional, which supports the mental, which supports the physical….and on and on.  The synthesis of the many parts becoming one complete, content and peaceful whole.  It is possible.  And it takes a lot less effort than one would think.  Mostly, it occurs in remembering, and being aware.  Awareness brings forth the possibility of the union.  
But how do we become aware?  Well…..that’s a thought for another day.  For now, let’s just do our best to remember.  Young children do it every day.  They remember what it is to play with a Barbie, and honor their physical and spiritual bodies all at the same time.  They don’t know they’re doing it – but when we watch them, we can see it, effortlessly pouring forth.  So, today will be a day of remembering that I am not an “Either-Or”….but I am one whole; honoring all my many parts, and joining them together in a happy and contented union. Synthesis. 
In love and light,

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